English review of a Java EE 5 French book

French libraries are full of English books. French blogs are full of comments on English books. Technical French website are full of reviews of English books. But the opposite is not true and doesn‘t happen very often, that‘s why I‘m mentioning it. Few months ago I‘ve been contacted by Meera Subbarao who is the team leader for the JavaLobby/DZone book review team. She wanted to … Continue reading English review of a Java EE 5 French book

My new best friend from JavaPolis : James Gosling

During the JUG leaders diner at JavaPolis I made a new friend : James Gosling . No, I’m not trying to explain him any rocket science stuff where he needs to scratch his head. We didn’t talk Java actually. I mentioned that I was creating a Java User Group in France (did you see my t-shirt) and we started to talk about his level of … Continue reading My new best friend from JavaPolis : James Gosling

I am now an Expert Member of the JCP

The Java Community Process or JCP, established in 1998, is a formalized process which allows interested parties to be involved in the definition of future versions and features of the Java platform. For a long time it has been closed to big companies, but now it’s opened to individuals. As I am passionate for the Java EE platform, I’ve applied to be a member of … Continue reading I am now an Expert Member of the JCP

Java EE 5 Book – What, When, Who

As I‘ve posted back in september, the book I’ve written uses Java EE 5 to develop a good old PetStore-like application. It’s written in French and will be published by Eyrolles at the end of March or begining of April. It is part of the Les cahiers du programmeur collection (programmer‘s book). This collection is quite pragmatic and focuses on a hands-on approach. The books … Continue reading Java EE 5 Book – What, When, Who

Java EE 5 Book – The End

Today I‘ve uploaded all my Open Office files to Eyrolles FTP server. That’s it, I’ve finished writing my book about Java EE 5. I will blog later about its content. I just want to thank my team of readers : Matthieu Riou, Alexis Midon, Zouheir Cadi and David Dewalle. Thanks guys, you‘ve been a great help. The book will benefit from your comments and expertise. … Continue reading Java EE 5 Book – The End

JavaPolis 2006 – Back Home

Well, how to say that in a simple way: JavaPolis 2006 was great. Here are more details. Organisation First of all, the organisation was amazing. JavaPolis is not organised by Sun, BEA, IBM, Oracle… but by the BeJUG (Belgium Java User Group). Guys like you and me who decided 5 years ago to create such an event that became international and very professional. I‘ve been … Continue reading JavaPolis 2006 – Back Home

JavaPolis 2006 – Leaving tomorow morning

God, I‘m so involved in finishing writing my book that I’ve completly forgotten talking about JavaPolis. I’m leaving tomorow from Paris in an early train (6:55am) and will present a Quicky about JUnit 4 on Thursday. I‘ve already picked up the sessions I want to attend, mainly JEE, Scripting languages and a bit of JSE. A couple of former BEA colleagues should be there and … Continue reading JavaPolis 2006 – Leaving tomorow morning