When Enterprise Java Micro Profile meets Angular

With my friend Sebastien Pertus, we decided to create a 3 hours university on “how an Angular front-end could communicate with an Enterprise Java Micro Profile back-end”. So we spent a few months organizing the slides and the code, giving the talk at several conferences and JUGs…. and here are the videos and slides finally public.

In this talk, I play my role (a back-end guy using Enterprise Java MicroProfile and exposing a JAX-RS API) and Sebastien plays the role of a front-end developer (TypeScript, Angular consuming a REST API). We divided the talk into two parts :

  • Theoretical: presentation of the Enterprise Micro Profile, WildFly Swarm, the TypeScript syntax and Angular.
  • Practical: development of an Angular application using several REST back-ends (JAX-RS, JSon API, Swagger, Cors, Hateoas, ETag, JWT, Traeffik).

You can find the talk in English on the Devoxx BE channel, in French on Devoxx FR channel, get the slides and the code.


Video in English (at Devoxx BE 2016)

Video in French (at Devoxx FR 2017)


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