Welcome My Fascicle on JPA

Last year I’ve published a fascicle on Bean Validation. It was time to publish the one on JPA.

In a previous blog post I explained the entire writing process and why I had this idea of writing small fascicles. Make sure to read it if you want more details. But basically, the idea behind these fascicles comes from my previous Java EE 7 book. People were asking me to update my Java EE 7 book to Java EE 8, but I couldn’t find the motivation of updating 550 pages that were own by my editor. So instead, I decided to only focus on updating a few chapters and self-publish smaller fascicles. Last year I published Bean Validation on KDP (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing) and this year I’ve used the same plateforme to publish the fascicle on JPA.


The structure of this 240 pages fascicle follows a standard structure that all my fascicles follow. So after the introduction, acknowledgements, appendixes and so on, you will find the following content:

  • Chapter 1: shows a few lines of JPA code
  • Chapter 2: presents Java Persistence API, the problems it addresses and explains the common concerns discussed throughout the fascicle
  • Chapter 3: shows some basic code of JPA and introducing its main APIs and deployment descriptors
  • Chapter 4: introduces object to relational mapping
  • Chapter 5: shows how to manage entities
  • Chapter 6: explains how to use the powerful Java Persistence Query Language
  • Chapter 7: explains the entity life cycle
  • Chapter 8: covers some advanced topics (caching and concurrency access).
  • Chapter 9: how to integrate JPA with other technologies (Bean Validation, CDI, JTA and Spring)
  • Chapter 10: builds a more complex application with most of the concepts that have been introduced throughout this fascicle

Thank you

To proof-read the technical part of the book I got a fantastic team: Thorben Janssen (who also wrote the Foreword), Youness Teimouri, Aymeric Beaumet and Aurélie Vache. Thank you for your time and expertise. This team really helped in getting the level right. Thanks for your precious time!

And as usual, a special thanks to Dan Allen and the entire Asciidoctor team.

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