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Just Enough App Server with WildFly Swarm


Application Servers have changed a lot: consuming less memory, being faster at startup time… Now it’s time to change the way we package our applications: from Ears, to Wars, and now to executable Jars. This is what I explained in this “Just Enough App Server” talk I gave at few conferences lately. So if you want to know more about Application […]

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O Java EE 7 Application Servers, Where Art Thou?

Startup Time

Updated Thanks for your comments. I’ve added Undertow to the test ( “Servlet-Only Distribution” on the WildFly download page), corrected some mistakes, but more important, I’ve changed the memory benchmark: I now take a memory usage measure at startup, I then perform GC and wait a bit for memory to stabilize. This gives a nice min and max memory usage. Damn, I’ve […]

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CDI and Forge Talks in Europe and Morocco


Are you going to JavaOne? Well I’m not! But instead I’ll be doing some talks in October and November in Europe and Morocco. Four years ago I toured central Europe giving CDI talks. Next week I’ll start another tour with CDI and Forge talks. Here is my schedule : Tuesday 20th of October – JUG Frankfurt (Map) : Talk on JBoss Forge […]

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Who Cares About toString Performance?


Who cares about toString performance? Nobody! Except when you have huge amount of data being processed in a batch that does plenty of logging using toString . Then, you investigate why it’s slow, realize that the toString method is mostly implemented using introspection and can be optimized. But first, let’s have a look at the Javadoc to remember what a Object.toString should […]

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Four CDI Articles in the Java Magazine


If you want to learn about CDI you can read the 4 articles I wrote in the Java Magazine : Part I : Using strong typing in dependency injection (May/June 2015). This article covers basic dependency injection with CDI, @Inject, Qualifiers and Alternatives. Part II : Integrating third-party frameworks (July/August 2015). Covers Producers, InjectionPoint API and Diposers Part III : Loose coupling (September/October […]

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