CDI and Forge Talks in Europe and Morocco

Are you going to JavaOne? Well I’m not! But instead I’ll be doing some talks in October and November in Europe and Morocco. Four years ago I toured central Europe giving CDI talks. Next week I’ll start another tour with CDI and Forge talks. Here is my schedule :

  • Tuesday 20th of OctoberJUG Frankfurt (Map) : Talk on JBoss Forge at 6:30pm. This is mostly an hands-on talk, only few slides, so you’ll see JBoss Forge in action. Thanks to Alexander Culum for organizing it and Claudia Fröhling from Codecentric for hosting the event
  • Wednesday 21st of OctoberJUG Saxony in Dresden (Map). CDI talk at 7pm. This is an introductory talk on CDI. Thanks to Falk Hartmann and Christiane Mantke for organizing and hosting the event
  • Friday 23rd of OctoberGeeCon Prague (Map) : I’ll be giving both Forge (11:10am) and CDI (1:50pm) talks
  • Tuesday 10th of NovemberDevoxx Belgium (Map) : I’ll do a 3 hours CDI university (1:30pm) with Antoine Sabot Durand. We will use JBoss Forge to create a real Java EE application ans will show how to add CDI and why
  • Monday 16th of NovemberDevoxx Morocco (Map) : I’ll do a 2 hours CDI university with Antoine Sabot Durand and a CDI talk.

So if you are around, don’t hesitate to come.

See you

Update : My CDI University with Antoine

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