Merry Chistmas And Happy Fallback With Microprofile

I first wrote this article for the Java Advent calendar 2020. I then copied it to my own blog. Christmas is coming! Like every year, Santa needs to schedule its presents delivery. Can you imagine? Millions of (good) children will receive a present on the night of the 24th of December. To achieve this prowess, Santa needs a bit of technical help to schedule the … Continue reading Merry Chistmas And Happy Fallback With Microprofile

Angular Libraries and Microservices

We live in a Microservices world, and this world is there to stay. Back-end developers need to dive into Domain Driven Design, write stateless, resilient, highly available services, keep data synchronized through Change Data Capture, handle network failure, deal with authentication, authorization, JWT… and expose a beautiful Hypermedia API so the front-end developers can add a great user interface to it. Good ! But what about the front-end … Continue reading Angular Libraries and Microservices

When Enterprise Java Micro Profile meets Angular

With my friend Sebastien Pertus, we decided to create a 3 hours university on “how an Angular front-end could communicate with an Enterprise Java Micro Profile back-end”. So we spent a few months organizing the slides and the code, giving the talk at several conferences and JUGs…. and here are the videos and slides finally public. In this talk, I play my role (a back-end … Continue reading When Enterprise Java Micro Profile meets Angular

“Micro Profile in Enterprise Java” Announced !

The developers’ world is a mixture of evolutions and reinventing the wheel. When I was doing EJBs 1.0 back in 1998, I was doing Micro Services. But I had to wait 2014 for someone to give it a name, and 2016 to see it officially arriving in Enterprise Java. So here we are: a Micro Profile has been announced for Enterprise Java. What? A Micro Profile! For … Continue reading “Micro Profile in Enterprise Java” Announced !