JHipster, Angular, PrimeNG and AutoComplete

JHipster is a great way to bootstrap your application. Your app can be a monolith or be split into several microservices, use JWT or OAuth2, packaged with Docker, deployed on a cloud provider… JHipster is there to handle the heavy technical complexity. Great ! But… when it comes to choosing an item from a combobox, JHipster is not that great. In this post I will … Continue reading JHipster, Angular, PrimeNG and AutoComplete

Angular Libraries and Microservices

We live in a Microservices world, and this world is there to stay. Back-end developers need to dive into Domain Driven Design, write stateless, resilient, highly available services, keep data synchronized through Change Data Capture, handle network failure, deal with authentication, authorization, JWT… and expose a beautiful Hypermedia API so the front-end developers can add a great user interface to it. Good ! But what about the front-end … Continue reading Angular Libraries and Microservices