English review of a Java EE 5 French book

French libraries are full of English books. French blogs are full of comments on English books. Technical French website are full of reviews of English books. But the opposite is not true and doesn‘t happen very often, that‘s why I‘m mentioning it. Few months ago I‘ve been contacted by Meera Subbarao who is the team leader for the JavaLobby/DZone book review team. She wanted to … Continue reading English review of a Java EE 5 French book

Java EE 5 book used in universities

I‘ve been teaching Java EE at a Parisian university (Cnam) for 6 years now. When I decided to write a book about Java EE 5, I took some inspiration from what I was doing at university. Thanks to these 6 years, I‘ve developed pedagogic skills in the way of teaching Java EE. That‘s also what I‘ve done with my book. Since it‘s publication, I‘ve received … Continue reading Java EE 5 book used in universities

Java EE 5 Book


Java Enterprise Edition appeared end of the Nineties and brought to the Java language a robust platform for companies’ enterprise applications. Put into question on each new version, badly understood or misused, competed by open source frameworks, Java EE knew to use these criticisms to improve and find a balance in its version 5. This book proposes to discover the innovations of this new version, and to examine how to assemble them to develop an e-commerce website.

The objective of this book is to guide you in the development of a complete e-commerce website using Java EE 5, while answering the question “how to assemble these specifications? “. The application, inspired from the Java PetStore of Sun, follows the coding and architecture best practices: layers, loose coupling, and enterprise design patterns.

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Java EE 5 Book – What, When, Who

As I‘ve posted back in september, the book I’ve written uses Java EE 5 to develop a good old PetStore-like application. It’s written in French and will be published by Eyrolles at the end of March or begining of April. It is part of the Les cahiers du programmeur collection (programmer‘s book). This collection is quite pragmatic and focuses on a hands-on approach. The books … Continue reading Java EE 5 Book – What, When, Who

Java EE 5 Book – The End

Today I‘ve uploaded all my Open Office files to Eyrolles FTP server. That’s it, I’ve finished writing my book about Java EE 5. I will blog later about its content. I just want to thank my team of readers : Matthieu Riou, Alexis Midon, Zouheir Cadi and David Dewalle. Thanks guys, you‘ve been a great help. The book will benefit from your comments and expertise. … Continue reading Java EE 5 Book – The End