Java EE 5 Book – The End

Today I‘ve uploaded all my Open Office files to Eyrolles FTP server. That’s it, I’ve finished writing my book about Java EE 5. I will blog later about its content.

I just want to thank my team of readers : Matthieu Riou, Alexis Midon, Zouheir Cadi and David Dewalle. Thanks guys, you‘ve been a great help. The book will benefit from your comments and expertise. And sorry for making you work so hard on the last weeks.

I would also like to thank JetBrains and Visual Paradigm for giving me a free licence of their software.

And of course, many thanks to my wife who didn‘t divorce me while I was writing on evenings, nights, early mornings and entire week-ends.

I‘ll blog more later. But now, I just want to go out, have some sun, see some real people and enjoy life again.

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