I’ve been tagged – Six things you don’t know about me

Yes, I‘ve been tagged by Matthieu… a long time ago. I should have blogged back a month ago but because of finishing my book I haven‘t had time to do it. I deserve a penalty for beeing so late. So, here are six things (instead of five) about me that (nearly) nobody knows :

  • Tell me a word and I‘ll sing you a song. I‘m this kind of guy that you have to stop from singing each time you say something. I always find a match between a word and a song (mainly 60‘s and 70‘s music)
  • I‘m passionate about religions (with an ‘s‘). Beeing a complete atheist makes life easier to read any kind of book about any kind of religion. After Java, religious books are the ones I read the most.
  • I know which time it is (+/- 15 minutes). Because of not wearing a watch for so long, I‘ve developped this sense of knowing what the time is… even at night with no sun.
  • I love any kind of art (mainly modern). My wife doesn‘t need to drag me to go and see boring stuff like art exhibition, ballet or abstract theatre play.
  • I hate dogs, well, to be precise I hate people who have dogs.
  • Beleive it or not, I still find a bit of time to play jazz with my band.

Now I’m supposed to tag five others. But because I‘ve waited so long, all the people with blogs I know I‘ve been tagged… humm, there‘s one left.

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