Merry Chistmas And Happy Fallback With Microprofile

I first wrote this article for the Java Advent calendar 2020. I then copied it to my own blog. Christmas is coming! Like every year, Santa needs to schedule its presents delivery. Can you imagine? Millions of (good) children will receive a present on the night of the 24th of December. To achieve this prowess, Santa needs a bit of technical help to schedule the … Continue reading Merry Chistmas And Happy Fallback With Microprofile

Four CDI Articles in the Java Magazine

If you want to learn about CDI you can read the 4 articles I wrote in the Java Magazine : Part I : Using strong typing in dependency injection (May/June 2015). This article covers basic dependency injection with CDI, @Inject, Qualifiers and Alternatives. Part II : Integrating third-party frameworks (July/August 2015). Covers Producers, InjectionPoint API and Diposers Part III : Loose coupling (September/October 2015). This article covers Interceptors, … Continue reading Four CDI Articles in the Java Magazine


I like to investigate new things as well as digging into concepts that I know quite well. As an architect, my job is also to pass information to the teams I work for. I like writing articles because I can summaries what I know and give it to others who will learn from it. He are the abstracts of the articles I’ve written.

Tutorials on testing Java EE 6 components :

Antonio Goncalves, fondateur du groupe d’utilisateurs Java de Paris (Paris JUG)
(June, 2008) Personal interview covering my carrier, my travels around the world, my vision of French IT industry… till the creation of the Paris JUG.
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