Antonio GoncalvesMy name is Antonio Goncalves, I am a senior software architect living in Paris. I’ve started working in IT in 1992. Initially focused in C and C++ development, I switched to Java in the late 1990s. My career has then taken me to different countries and companies where I now work as an independent Java EE consultant. As a former BEA consultant I have a great expertise in application servers such as Weblogic, JBoss and GlassFish. I am particularly fond of Open Source and I am a member of the OOSGTP (Open Source Get Together Paris). I am also the co-creator and co-leader of the Paris Java User Group and more recently Devoxx France. I am also a member of Les CastCodeurs team which podcasts regularly news about the Java ecosystem.

I wrote a first book in French on Java EE 5 back in 2007. Since then I have join the JCP and I am an Expert Member of various JSRs (Java EE 7, EJB 3.2Java EE 6, JPA 2.0 and EJB 3.1). I then published a second book for Apress: Beginning Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3. and a third book about Java EE 7. For the last years I have been talking at international conferences mainly about Java EE, including JavaOne, The Server Side Symposium, Devoxx, Jazoon, GeeCon… I also have written numerous technical papers and articles for IT Web sites (DevX) or IT magazines (Programmez, Linux Magazine).

I am a graduate of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris (engeeniring degree in IT) as well as the Brighton University and Universidad del Pais Vasco (European MSc in Object Oriented Design). I did my research degree at Universidade Federal de São Carlos (in Brazil).

You can contact me by sending me an email at the following address :



  1. Hello Antonio, I take your course “Java EE: The Big Picture” on pluralsight, It really help me a lot, I want to thank you and at the same time tell you that you are doing a outstanding job.

    Thanks you, for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Hello Antonio,
    I take your course. It really helped me a lot. How can I obtain the complet source code for this course: Java Persistence API (JPA) 2.1? Please can you help me?
    Best regards,
    Mihai N

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