Talks I Gave at Conferences and Meetups

Here is the list of talks I gave at conferences and meetups (and I try to keep this list up to date): 2018-04 – Baking A Microservice PI(e) (with Roberto Cortez) – Devoxx UK (London, UK) 2017-11 – Baking A Microservice PI(e) (with Roberto Cortez) – Devoxx (Antwerp, Belgium) 2017-05 – The PluraSight Experience (with Koffi Sessi) – Devoxx UK (London, UK) 2017-04 […]

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CDI and Forge Talks in Europe and Morocco

Are you going to JavaOne? Well I’m not! But instead I’ll be doing some talks in October and November in Europe and Morocco. Four years ago I toured central Europe giving CDI talks. Next week I’ll start another tour with CDI and Forge talks. Here is my schedule : Tuesday 20th of October – JUG Frankfurt (Map) : Talk on JBoss Forge […]

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To inject or not to inject: CDI is the question

Two weeks ago I did a little tour around several JUGs and conferences to talk about dependency injections with CDI. The final goal of this road movie was to end up at GeeCon in Krakow. It was my second time at GeeCon and I have to say that this conference is like good wine : getting better with age. This community based conference is on its third edition and attracts people through out central and eastern Europe. Plenty of good speakers, nice location, skilled attendees... and a lot of fun (GeeCon organizers are party addicts). So make sure you mark this conference into your agenda for next year....

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A week in central Europe… with CDI

I haven't talked much lately at conferences or JUGs. The last one was Devoxx in November 2010 and I have been quite ever since (working on some other plans ;o) But it's time to do a bit of touring again. This time it will be Central Europe and the topic with injection in CDI. The presentation of the talk is To inject or not to inject: CDI is the question and the description roughly is :

After a quick introduction of CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) I will concentrate on dependency injection and the type-safe approach on injection in CDI. If you are fed up of using String based configuration, come to this talk and have a type-safe journey on CDI.

How come I am touring again ? Everything started with an invitation from my friends at GeeCon. I discovered GeeCon in 2009. It was the first edition of this conference in Cracow (Poland) created by the local user group.

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Présentation Java EE 6 au Ch’ti JUG

2008, c’était l’année de Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis. 2009 c’est l’année du Ch’ti JUG. Mais non, je ne ponctuerai pas ce post de “biloute”, ‘j’te dis quoi” et autres “heiiinnnnn!”. En fait, je veux juste vous informer de l’événement del ch’nord (ha, je me suis laissé aller là) à ne pas louper : une présentation sur Java EE 6 pour […]

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Java EE 6 at the GeeCon conference

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be talking at the GeeCON conference about Java EE 6. Proud because this conference is the first edition and has been created by the Polish JUG. A few months ago, Grzegorz Duda asked me if I was interested in speaking there. I’m always ready when it comes to talk for JUGs. GeeCON is a […]

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