A week in central Europe… with CDI

I haven’t talked much lately at conferences or JUGs. The last one was Devoxx in November 2010 and I have been quite ever since (working on some other plans ;o) But it’s time to do a bit of touring again. This time it will be Central Europe and the topic with injection in CDI. The presentation of the talk is To inject or not to inject: CDI is the question and the description roughly is :

After a quick introduction of CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) I will concentrate on dependency injection and the type-safe approach on injection in CDI. If you are fed up of using String based configuration, come to this talk and have a type-safe journey on CDI.

How come I am touring again ? Everything started with an invitation from my friends at GeeCon. I discovered GeeCon in 2009. It was the first edition of this conference in Cracow (Poland) created by the local user group. As I mentioned in my post, I really liked the conference as it felt very professional with good speakers and nice atmosphere. So this year I’ve accepted the invitation and I’m going back to the 2011 edition to talk about injection in CDI…. and on my way, I’ve decided to have some stop-overs :

  • Monday 9th of May – come on listen to my talk at the JUG Cologne in Germany (Map)
  • Tuesday 10th of May – CZJUG (Prague – Czech Republic) : it’s going to be a busy day. I’ll spend the day at the EMEA Oracle User Group (Map) and then go to the JUG to do my talk at 7pm (Map).
  • Wednesday 11th of May – GeeCon (Cracow – Poland) : I’ll be doing a Java EE 6 university talk with my friend Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine. It will be the same talk we did at Devoxx last year, but updated of course
  • Thursday 12th of May – GeeCon (Map) I’ll do my CDI talk
  • On Friday I will have fun and a relaxing time in Cracow (it is such a nice city)
  • Then I’ll visit some friends in Venice (Italy) and stay during the week-end (not talking about Java at all, drinking wine and eating pasta)
  • … and then back home

I’ll be doing all these trips using my favorite transport : night trains. So if you are anywhere near and want to attend one of my talks… of just have a beer, fill free to come.

See you

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