English review of a Java EE 5 French book

French libraries are full of English books. French blogs are full of comments on English books. Technical French website are full of reviews of English books. But the opposite is not true and doesn‘t happen very often, that‘s why I‘m mentioning it.

Few months ago I‘ve been contacted by Meera Subbarao who is the team leader for the JavaLobby/DZone book review team. She wanted to know a bit more about my book on Java EE 5. She got really interested and then quickly, very disappointed : my book is written in French !

That‘s when David Sills came along. David is a book reviewer and volunteered to review my French book. I was ready to help him in any difficulty with the language, but it appeared that David is quite knowledgeable with French. He managed to read it all and wrote a review on DZone.

Thanks David for the effort and thanks for the interesting review that you wrote. I‘ll send the following extract to my publisher, who knows, a French book could be published into English once : To be honest, I’d like to have this book in English for newbies in the field! We’d have a lot better applications built, I can say that

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