Buzz Word Bingo 2015

For my next talk I need a slide with dozens of technical buzzwords. Working in the IT industry, I am, and deal, with fashion victims (i.e. the best language/framework/tool/law is 6 months old). But because I couldn’t find more than 12/15 buzzwords, I’ve asked Twitter some help, and manage to reach more than 50 buzzwords. Thanks to the Tweetosphere !

Here are a few buzzwords in alphabetical order for 2015 :

12 factor, Agile, Anti-fragile, Asciidoctor, Async, B2B, Big Data, CAP theorem, CDI, Cloud, Componentization, Container, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, Conway’s law, Crowdsourcing, Data Lake, Design Pattern, Devops, Docker, Empirical, Enterprise Architecture, Evolutionary, Functional, Hystrix, IA, IOT, Idiomatic, Immutable, Isomorphic, Kanban, Lambda, Lean, Machine Learning, Microservices, Modularity, Monads, Monolith, Netflix, Neural Network, Non Blocking, NoSQL, REST, Reactive, Real time, Resilience, SOA, Scrum, Social, Streams, Swarm, TDD, UML, UX, User-Oriented, Web Services, xAAS

Any one missing ?


4 thoughts on “Buzz Word Bingo 2015

  1. Iterative ? Functional ? Lambda ? Cognitive ? Internet of things ? Paradigm ? …

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