A Full CDI 1.1 Course on Pluralsight

PluralSightI’m happy to announce that my course on CDI 1.1 has been published on PluralSight. This 3:40 hours long course is divided in several modules :

  • Introduction (17:48) : Why do we need dependency injection in our applications, how do we usually do it, how can CDI help us
  • Understanding Context and Dependency Injection (20:24) : Get the basis of what CDI is, what it’s not, and in which part of our applications we can use it
  • Injection With CDI (38:13) : Focus on dependency injection, qualifiers, vetos and alternatives
  • Producers and Disposers (31:51) : Integrate third-party frameworks thanks to producers and disposers
  • Interceptors, Decorators, and Events (51:17) : Bring more loose coupling to your classes with interceptors, decorators and events
  • Bringing the Web Tier and Service Tier Together (30:12) : Integrate service tier and web tier together thanks to Expression Language and scopes
  • CDI 1.1 Within Java EE 7 (32:35) : See how CDI integrates with other Java EE 7 specifications.

This course is the third Java EE 7 series course I’ve created on PluralSight.

Hope you will enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “A Full CDI 1.1 Course on Pluralsight

  1. This is a presentation without a wasted word or thought, cutting through confusion with simplicity, forethought, and elegance. Module 6, demo 4 took my breath away, the shear beauty of it left me stunned. But beautiful or not, I tore it all apart writting in my own code and blowing it up over and over until everything made sense; only then did I arrive home so to speak. Thank you for making CDI accessible (until then it was so dry, I always fell asleep). If you are in the mood, how about some bonus sections on DeltaSpike and JBoss Forge (oh-no, more to learn). Great work Antonio!

  2. And I forgot to say, that module 7 Forge/JSF-Primefaces/CDI project is is just awesome, filled with so much meat and potatoes. Just amazing.

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