My new best friend from JavaPolis : James Gosling

During the JUG leaders diner at JavaPolis I made a new friend : James Gosling . No, I’m not trying to explain him any rocket science stuff where he needs to scratch his head. We didn’t talk Java actually. I mentioned that I was creating a Java User Group in France (did you see my t-shirt) and we started to talk about his level of French. James did 9 years of French at school. He always says that he doesn‘t know how to speak it but he could say a few sentences without too many mistakes actually. Thanks for this photo Aaron.


Another one of James with Eric Gamma .


Stephan Janssen organized this diner in a brewery in the town center. Just JUG leaders and speakers.


And thanks to Paris Apostolopoulos for the following photos. That’s me with him, Christophe Jollivet and Emmanuel Bernard .


Paris and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine .


Paris and his Hellenic JUG partner. On the left it‘s Aaron , the JUG Program Coordinator from Sun.


Isn‘t that a cool T-shirt ? David created the logo of our Paris Java User Group. If you look carefully it’s Juggy wearing a typical French t-shirt (un marcel), a typical French hat and carrying a baguette.


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