My JavaPolis agenda

JavaPolis will start next week and I have to decide which conference to go to.

Tuesday evening 11th

I‘ll be arriving in Antwerp on Tuesday afternoon to attend the JUG leader diner that starts at 8pm. I’m quite excited about this event because it‘s a fantastic oportunity to meet other JUG leaders and talk about Java User Groups in general. There will also be some speakers, so it should be fun to share a meal with some big name of the Java industry. I‘ll try to take some photos.

Wednesday the 12th

9:30 : Keynotes of course.

12:00 : I might have a look at the new JavaFX (by Jim Weaver)

13:10 : Java User Groups International Map by Mike “Van” Riper . By the way, the ParisJUG is in the JUG map now.

13:35 : Organize your events with JUG Events by Lucio Benfante of JUG Padova. As you can see, I‘m atteding anything related with JUGs.

14:00 : Kick starting the Content Repository. AJAX meets JCR by David Nuescheler

15:10 : I might go to JSR 316 – Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6 Specification to see Roberto Chinnici. I am part of the JSR 316 expert group, it‘s always good to meet in real life people you deal with through emails.

16:40 : Same thing, I‘ll go to JSR 318 – Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 so I can meet Kenneth Saks with who I deal with on the JSR 318.

17:50 : The Future of Computing with some big names (James Gosling…). That might be interesting.

20:30 : Groovy BOF where I’ll meet some mates who were at Grails eXchange.

Thursday the 13th

9:30 : Keynotes again.

13:35 : Quickie Enterprise Vertical Slice from JavaFX to JPA and Back Again that should be fun.

14:00 : Hum, difficult choice. I would like to know what‘s happening with JSR 314 JavaServer Faces 2 (Ed Burns) but also JSR 303 Bean Validation (Emmanuel Bernard). I‘ll see.

15:10 : ServiceMix by Bruce Snyder.

16:40 : I‘ll go to GlassFish Bringing you a better application server in three steps so I can see Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine and have a chat with him after the talk (I still owe him a beer ;o)

17:50 : JSR 311 JAX-RS The Java API for RESTful Web Services by Paul Sandoz.

19:30 : The most expected Java User Groups BOF where I‘ll meet the JUG leaders again.

Friday the 14th

10:30 : As a JCP member I must go to Standards: who cares why care by Patrick Curran Chair of the JCP

12:00 : OSGi, the future of Java? by Peter Kriens

As usual, this agenda might change completly, but that‘s how I see it now. There are some gaps that I‘ll feel by talking to people (definitely the most enjoyable activity) and trying to get some goodies from the cenference hall (last year I got some pretty good stuff ;o)

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