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Who Cares About toString Performance?


Who cares about toString performance? Nobody! Except when you have huge amount of data being processed in a batch that does plenty of logging using toString . Then, you investigate why it’s slow, realize that the toString method is mostly implemented using introspection and can be optimized. But first, let’s have a look at the Javadoc to remember what a Object.toString should […]

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Buzz Word Bingo 2015


For my next talk I need a slide with dozens of technical buzzwords. Working in the IT industry, I am, and deal, with fashion victims (i.e. the best language/framework/tool/law is 6 months old). But because I couldn’t find more than 12/15 buzzwords, I’ve asked Twitter some help, and manage to reach more than 50 buzzwords. Thanks to the Tweetosphere ! Here are […]

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A Full CDI 1.1 Course on Pluralsight


I’m happy to announce that my course on CDI 1.1 has been published on PluralSight. This 3:40 hours long course is divided in several modules : Introduction (17:48) : Why do we need dependency injection in our applications, how do we usually do it, how can CDI help us Understanding Context and Dependency Injection (20:24) : Get the basis of […]

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Micro Benchmarking with JMH: Measure, don’t guess!


I’m sure you’ve all heard that assigning a variable to null helps the Garbage Collector, or not declaring a method final improves in lining…. But what you also know is that JVMs have evolved drastically and what was true yesterday may not be true today. So, how do we know that our code performs? Well, we don’t, because we are not supposed to guess […]

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