On-line Java EE Courses at PluralSight

I am the author of several Java EE courses for Pluralsight. Plurasight has been around for more than 10 years, and has an impressive catalog of courses, several on Java and Java EE.

Here is my contribution on Java EE courses :

Java EE: Getting Started

The Java EE: Getting Started course is 5 hours long (Beginner level). Java EE and Angular are complementary technologies. This course targets Java and web developers who want to learn how to build a Java EE back-end REST API and add an Angular front-end to it.


  • Java EE: The Big Picture (1:07 hour long) – Beginner
    • Java Platforma and Java EE Overview
    • What Is Java EE?
    • Is Java EE Right for Your Organization?
  • Java EE 7 Fundamentals (5:23 hours long) – Intermediate
    • Understanding Java EE
    • Creating a Common Application Tier (CDI, Interceptors, Bean Validation)
    • Addressing Business Concerns (JPA, JTA, Batch)
    • Implementing Web Applications (Servlets, JSF, WebSockets)
    • Interoperating with External Services (XML, JSon, JAX-RS, JMS)
  • Bean Validation 1.1 (2:30 hours long)
    • Built-in Constraints
    • Defining our own Constraints
    • Messages, Groups and Payloads
    • Advanced Topics
  • Java Persistence API 2.1 (3:41 hours long) – Advanced
    • Managing Elementary Entities With JPA
    • Relationships and Inheritance
    • Querying Entities
    • Entity Lifecycle, Callbacks, and Listeners
  • Context & Dependency Injection 1.1 (3:42 hours long) – Advanced
    • Injection With CDI
    • Producers and Disposers
    • Interceptors, Decorators, and Events
    • Bringing the Web Tier and Service Tier Together

Each course is made of slides, demos and you will have the pleasure to listen to my voice ;o)  No video of the speaker, but many screen recording for the demos.  Each course is made of several modules, several clips, and you get to answer a few questions at the end of each module

So I hope you will enjoy taking the courses (not free I’m afraid ;o) and do not hesitate to give me some feedback. Once you’ve assessed the course, you can link it on your LinkedIn profile.


  1. Great! I love pluralsight courses. I will wating for your upcoming courses about CDI and JSF!!

  2. Fantastic videos — probably the best, and I’ve watched many videos on Java! Looking forward to additional installments.

  3. Hi Antonio,

    Thanks for adding such a nice course on JPA.
    It helped me clear a lot of concepts but i am stuck with @PersistenceContext. The entity manager is not getting injected and it throws a NullPointerException. Could you please share a sample application?
    Is it like it would be enjected only if the class is a type of EJB bean?
    EntityManager injection does not work with plain java classes?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sahil Amar

  4. It’s great to hear. Nice course with bright future. I have to do a project on student java program by using this. Waiting for upcoming one. Thank You.

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