Java EE 7 and JBoss Forge in Lille (FR) and London (UK)

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Since the publication of my Java EE 7 book, my JavaOne and Devoxx Belgium talks (that you can find on Parleys), I’ve been quiet. But my 2014 new year’s resolution is to travel a few JUGs and conferences to spread the Java EE 7 word…. and I’m starting tomorrow! So if you want to know more about Java EE 7 and see a live demo of JBoss Forge, come and meet me at either in North of France or in Central London:

Ch'ti JUG

In Lille I will be giving a first 50 minutes talk about What’s new in Java EE 7, followed by a coding session using JBoss Forge. In London I’ll just focus on introducing JBoss Forge and coding a full sexy Java EE 7 application.

Hope to see you there.

Update : Here are the slides of my presentation

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  1. Where can we find and what’s the presentation title discussing JEE 7 + Jboss forge ?

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