XWiki tutorial

More and more customers are using wikis for collaborative work… and universities too. At the Cnam, where I teach, we felt the need of using a wiki. Our department installed MediaWiki last year but the administrator didn‘t set up the rights properly so it was a real nightmare for teachers to have access to the right resources. A couple of month later, nobody was using MediaWiki anymore.

I then had a look at other different wikis and found XWiki. It’s really good for exactly what we want : a fine use of groups, users and access rights. To get use to it I’ve used XWiki for my personal web site and proposed it to the university administrator. In the meantime I’ve decided to write a tutorial to share my experience of installing and using XWiki… sorry, it’s in French and it is called Créer un site associatif avec XWiki.

You can find this tutorial on developpez.com web site.

I would like to thank Sergiu Dumitriu, François Le Droff and Pascal B for reading the early draft and giving me their inputs.


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