Run a JBoss Forge “Hands-on-Lab” at Your Local User Group

For Devoxx Belgium 2014 I had the opportunity to run a 3 hours hands-on-lab on Java EE with JBoss Forge. The idea was to get people up and running with JBoss Forge by 1) installing Forge (CLI and JBDS), 2) playing with it and 3) developing an entire Java EE application and extend it by writing a JBoss Forge add-on.

The trick with a hands-on-lab is you can end-up with a huge crowd (in our case we had more than 50 people) for a small team (we were only four of us) for a short period of time (3 hours). So, to minimize the number of questions and interaction with each student, you need a step-by-step tutorial so people can follow without asking too many questions. The tutorial needs to be detailed enough.

Forge Community Team at Devoxx BE 2014

With Daniel Cunha (soro), Ivan St Ivanov and Koen Aers we created a very detailed tutorial for this hands-on-lab. It’s under Github where you can find all the scripts and PDF file. With this material you can now run this lab at your local user group, any conference or with friends at home. Do not hesitate to contribute, either by sending pull/requests or filling any JIRA.

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