So now I am a NightHacker ;o)

Stephen Chin had this crazy idea of touring Europe on its way to Devoxx, and interview people. He called it the “Hacking Tour – The Road to Devoxx“. On his way from Italy he crossed France, stopped over to interview several people and then he arrived in Paris to interview me as well as the Parisian Java community (Paris JUG, JDuchess, Code Story). Unfortunately, everything went wrong (network issues mostly) so we had to postpone the interview at Devoxx the following week. Here it is :

In this interview I talk about the Paris JUG, Devoxx France, but mostly about my life as a Java EE 7 hacker. Yes, Java EE 7 will be out in April 2013 (in 6 months) so every spec is in Early Draft, the reference implementations are in Alpha or Beta and there is few documentation and blogs. Being expert member of Java EE 7 (JSR 342), Java EE 7 is a topic that takes a lot of my time lately. In this interview I mostly talk about things that you expect will be working… but they won’t (not always easy to have all the spec leads agree and integrate well). But I also show some code that will make your life easier ;o)

Again, thank you Stephen Chin for the interview. You can check out his photos.

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