I don’t know anything about Silverlight nor .Net

I haven’t blogged for quite a long time. That’s not because I am lazy (well, I took 4 weeks of holidays) or I have nothing to say (titles you could have read in this blog “the rise of Java EE 6”, “the lightweight container strikes back”, “in EJB we trust” or “god save CDI”). No, I was busy finishing the second edition of Beginning Java EE 6 with GlassFish v3.

This second edition has many updates. I’ve updated all the tools of course (GlassFish 3.0.1, Derby 10.6, JDK 1.6.0_20…) but also added extra sections (on JPA, EJB, JSF & JAX-RS) as well as taking into account readers’ feedback. I would like to thank everybody who read the first edition and sent me feedback on Get Satisfaction. That allowed me to correct some mistakes or clarify some concepts. If you get the book, remember to download the code of the examples from Kenai. I’ve also updated lots of code, improved javadoc and added some readme.txt files.

I was also busy creating a training course on Java EE 6. So, if you live in France and if you want to know more about Java EE 6, come to the Xebia Training program and you’ll know about it all. During these 3 days you’ll learn about Java EE in general, the JCP, Java EE 6 (and most of its components)…. and you’ll spend plenty of time exchanging, questioning, getting answers (and questions) because my course is quite interactive. So, don’t hesitate.

To finish this post I need to confess : I don’t know anything about Silverlight nor .Net. If you look at the back cover of my book under my photo (the image on the right of this post), you’ll read that I am the author of Beginning Silverlight 2 & 3 as well as Pure ASP.Net books. That’s not true. It’s an unfortunate typo that was made for this batch of books. I don’t know anything about these technologies, you should ask the right author (Robert Lair) if you need any help ;o)

Now I’ll have some time to answer your questions on Get Satisfaction.

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  1. I really love to learn more about JPA, EJB, JSF & JAX-RS and because these technologies drive the world literally.Given the knowledge this guy has motivates me that i too can do more to learn.So i will be visiting this blog to learn and get more updates. Thank you for this useful article.

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