Java EE 6 is touring French JUGs

One beauty of living in a country with nearly 20 Java User Groups is that you can travel around while talking about your favourite topics. For me, at the moment, it’s Java EE 6 (thanks to my book). So last week I was invited to the Riviera JUG to give a talk about the new features of EE 6. As you can see on the photo below, even if it was a sunny day by the beach, nearly 90 people turned up.


Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to profit from the beach of Nice. Well, guess what ? On Thursday I’ll be talking at the Bordeaux JUG (and thus having some red wine during the talk) which celebrates its first anniversary. And the week after, at the Lyon JUG giving a talk on the same topic. November I will concentrate on Devoxx where I’ll be doing a 3 hours university talk with Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine and a one hour conference talk. And back to French JUGs on the 7th of December at the Breizh JUG for a Java Ee 6 presentation.

I’ll finish this year back to my home town JUG. I’m glad to announce that with Michaël Isvy we’ll be doing a Java EE 6 vs Spring 3.0 talk at the Paris JUG on the 8th of december.

A busy EE 6 year and I already have plans to tour other French JUGs in 2010.


One thought on “Java EE 6 is touring French JUGs

  1. Ça c’est plutôt une très bonne nouvelle. Je vais donc m’inscrire au Lyon JUG pour voir cette présentation sur Java EE6. Cela me permettra enfin de rencontrer le Mr. Goncalves, après l’avoir bien écouté sur les Casts Codeurs.
    Rendez vous le 20 Octobre à Lyon.

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