Genesis, EJBs… it depends which version

I have two passions : Java and Music. And recently, I faced a common problem while trying to explain Why I love EJBs and Why I love Genesis

When I say I love Genesis, I’m talking about the version 1.0 of the band. The one from 1967 to 1975 (even 1977) when it was a progressive rock formation. Then Peter Gabriel left, Phil Collins stopped playing drums, started singing, and that was the end of Genesis V1.0 (with tracks like Supper s ready or albums like Selling England by the Pound ) and the beginning of 2.0 (Invisible Touch, We Can‘t Dance…).

When I say I love EJBs I’m talking about Version 3 not V1 or V2 from 1998 to 2006 when it was a heavyweight model.

Phil Collins should have renamed the band, and the JCP should have renamed their component model. Talking to people would be easier.

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