Tutorials on Java EE 6 testability

Unit testing is an important topic in projects. J2EE has suffered from a lack of testability and, clearly, got overtaken by light open source containers. Java EE 6 is taking that into account and unit testing an EBJ, for example, will be simple and standardised (through a embeddable container API).

As Roberto Chinnici mentioned on his blog, Java EE 6 is scheduled for Q1 2009… but reference implementations are already on there way. So I‘ve decided to write a series of tutorials focusing on testing Java EE 6 components.

The first one is about testing an entity with Eclipse Link (the reference implementation of JPA 2.0). It uses MySQL, Embedded Derby, Maven, JUnit and DbUnit.

Read the tutorial Testing Java EE 6 components : JPA 2.0

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