Java EE 5, second edition

The first edition of my Java EE 5 book has been sold out ! In fact it’s 2500 copies that have been sold in 14 months. It doesn’t sound much like that, but remember that it’s written in French (much smaller market than the English one) and talks about evil technology : EJB ! So, it’s a best seller (JK Rolling , if you read this blog, be prepare to suffer high competition). Eyrolles, my editor, asked me to prepare a second edition, and that‘s what I did last spring.

So here it is, the second edition just came out with some new stuff. Of course, I used this second edition to update references, software version and correct some erratums. I also add new definitions and gave more explanations and clarifications on several topics (based on the feedback I received). And I add new paragraphs on new topics :

  • more about GlassFish, GlassFish admin tasks (such as asadmin), and GlassFish configuration
  • on JPA I explain how to persist an object in more than one table, the many to many relationship and inheritance. There is also more information about JPQL
  • I‘ve also add more on application client container (ACC)
  • more on JAXB2 and XML mapping
  • and a new full chapter about how to create a Java EE 5 applications with Intellij Idea
    So if you know how to read French and want to know more about Java EE 5, just do it.

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