JavaOne : a nostalgic portuguese touch

It is my first JavaOne, so I can‘t really compare. But something tells me that 5 years ago JavaOne was about… Java. Today, it feels different. There are plenty of technical sessions about other languages and on the top selling books at JavaOne, three are about other languages (Groovy and JavaFX). Even James Gosling talked about Scala . And I have to be honest. JavaOne is a great place for many different reasons (networking, meeting good old friends, having fun, exchanging experiences…) but I haven’t been astonished by any session. The only technical novelty was… Scala . There is something nostalgic about Java. Everybody points out that Java is fading away.


After the sessions I went to the JetBrains party. There I met Dave, Ann and some other JetBrains guys. There was also Vincent and Ludovic from XWiki, and Michael Hutterman. Ann explained me all the history behind Intellij Idea (a Russian company, and I thought it was Tchek) and we talked about the future of Intellij Idea.

After the JetBrains party we went back to the Moscone Center to attend the hilarious BOF of Java Posse . It‘s not every day that you go to a BOF at 8:30pm fully packed with people drinking beer. Unfortunately it had to finish at 9:30.


After came the QCon party and then another party (a no name party). I ended up with Ruben Badaro from PT JUG (the Portuguese JUG) and a bunch of Portuguese speaking guys (from Portugal and mainly from Brazil). We’ve been then joined by Emmanuel Bernard and finally went to bed quite late.


Tomorrow, last day at JavaOne.

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