Talking at QCon in London

Thursday the 13th of March I‘ll be talking at the QCon in London. The title of this BoF is Insider’s tips for developing a successful API for Java. I’ll be around the table with Werner Keil (Spec lead of JSR 275 – Units Specification), Rod Johnson (the father of Spring) and Patrick Curran (Chair of the JCP). We all have in common to be part of the JCP (Chair, Spec Leads or Expert Group members).

This BOF will discuss what it takes to develop a successful API for Java with the JCP in mind. The idea is also to answer questions about the JCP, its structure, how do you join, how to define a JSR without clashing with an existing API ? I will share my experience of being an individual expert member on JSR-316 (Java EE 6), JSR-317 (JPA 2.0) and JSR-318 (EJB 3.1).

Hope to see you at QCon.

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