Paris JUG

I‘ve been thinking about creating a Java User Group in Paris (France) for a long long time. That‘s done now !!! Well, just the first steps :

  • I‘ve created a JUG project at (the project is still pending)
  • Mailing list at
  • Bought the domain name
  • Looking for a meeting room (either at the Cnam university or with a partnership that I have with the Port Parallelecooperation)
  • I‘m having a diner at JavaPolis with all the other JUG leaders and will attend the BOF so I can get a maximum information
  • I‘m aiming to have the first meeting on Tuesday the 12th of February (monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of every month except in August)
  • And, of course, I will need some good speakers to come and do some technical presentations

So, stay tuned, I will post more information on that.

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