J2EE, Java EE, Java SE… the marketing is not ready

Looking for a contract in Java EE ? You will not find any. What about J2EE ? Yes but, be careful, only with Java 5, not Java 1.4. What ? You are only using Java EE 5, we already use the 6 version…

For techies, things are getting clearer. We know that there is a EE, SE and even ME edition of Java. We also know that the versionning of these platforms are not the same, and it doesn‘t really matter (EE 5 works with SE 6). So a sentence like “Java EE 5 project using Java SE 5” makes sense for us. But not for the marketing. When a company wants to advertise a job about EE, they still use the good old J2EE symbol. And not because they know they are using J2EE 1.4 but because they don’t have a clue of what EE is. They just know that they are doing Java 6, and 6 is higher than 5, so if you talk to them about Java EE 5, they will look at you with superiority thinking how could you use such an old technology.

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