Intellij Idea is really Groovy

I‘ve been an Intellij Idea follower for more than 5 years now. I’ve never really made the move to Eclipse, unless I really have to on rare occasions. Here is another example of how good Idea is. I’ve been developing a little bit with Groovy and recently with Grails. I was sad not to see any Groovy features in the IDE, but things have changed. I read Guillaume Laforge’s blog about Groovy 1.1 beta and that Intellij had made some progress. Then I read Graeme Rocher’s Blog about how to install the Groovy plugin. I followed his instructions and look what I get :


I‘ve splited the screen so I can have both Java and Groovy classes together. extends Book.groovy. Both files have keywords highlighted, use code completion and so on. And when you select the Book word (highlighted) in the Java class and press CTRL+B (for the base class), you arrive at the Book Groovy class.

Isn‘t that Groovy ?

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