Java EE version history: Help Needed !!!

I was trying to do a study about the evolution of Java in terms of the langage (how many versions, how many APIs in each version, main features…), its popularity (how many book written in the last 10 years, evolution of the market, job offers in the last 10 years…), its enterprise version (versions of J2EE, how many specifications in each version…)… but I‘m giving up. Too difficult. I will spend the next years trying to read articles, compare figures, sort out dates. Java is evolving fine, full stop.

In my research I found a very good article on Wikipedia about Java version history. Because the same information on JEE was missing I’ve created a new article called Java EE version history. It‘s just a start and it needs alot of work still. If anybody is willing to help on that, feel free.

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