Java Black Belt will be at university

Few weeks ago I‘ve posted about trying Java Black Belt at the University to test the level of our students. We made 40 students take 3 exams (JSP, Servlet and EJB) and got their feedback. Being French students we had some “I didn‘t understand every questions”. We decided not to take that into account because engineering students should have a good technical English understanding. Some students thought the tests were too difficult, some thought they were easy… but all thought it was a good way to know about certifications (some mentioned Sun certifications). With the teachers involved in this test we decided to use Java Black Belt at the beginning of each semesters to test the knowledge of our students. Clearly, if some student terribly fails we will ask him/her to go back to the library and read a couple more books.

I want to thank John Rizzo and Gonzague Lefere who gave us the opportunity to do this test. These guys have had a great idea, Java Black Belt rocks and I hope it will have a certification recognition within the Java world.

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