Java Black Belt at University

I‘m quite excited. At the CNAM University we’ve decided to try Java Black Belt with our students. The idea is to use JBB to ensure a minimum level of Java within our students. Thanks to John Rizzo (who I met at JavaPolis) and Gonzague Lefere who‘ve setup a temporary server just for our IT department. Our students will have the week of the 5th of february to pass 3 Java Black Belt exams (JSP, Servlet and EJB). We will then get their feedback to see if we will carry on with Java Black Belt or not. Such a test is quite a novelty for the CNAM University. Usually students have to sit an exam at university. In our case, they will do the Java Black Belt tests from home (knowing that they can invite Java friends for diner ;o) But we want to give it a try. And our idea is not really to use Java Black Belt to grade them and therefore make them pass the year or not. It‘s more to know their level of Java so we can start the year with the same kind of students.

I would let you know about the feedbacks and our plans to adopt Java Black Belt as an exam tool.

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