What would be your ideal job?

I‘ve been working in the IT industry for quite a long time now. Mainly in big companies, on big projects where you spend half your time in meetings and the other half writing meeting reports. Through this experience I‘ve met a lot of people who have had different experiences, different projects but I‘ve never met anyone who has had their ideal job during his/her career. There are always management, political, personnel or budget problems which cause the project to turn into a nightmare. When you talk to people, everybody seems to converge towards an ideal situation where innovation, dynamism, professionalism, intelligent management and beauty flow 10 hours a day… but that never happens.

As a Java developer, architect or project leader, what would be your ideal job? Working in a big company, an editor, a start-up, self-employed, working in open-source, in a training company? At the office or at home? Part-time or full-time? What kind of industry would fulfil your dreams? Bank, insurance, telecommunications, industry, leisure? What would be the perfect allocation between development, management, training, publishing articles, working for open source, technology watch, learning new things? Or would you quit Java to move to .Net or a deserted island under the sun?

While waiting for the magical wand to create the job of our dreams, let’s blog about it.

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