Java Day 2006 in Paris

Well, in fact Java Day 2006 wasn’t held in Paris itself but in Versailles, just in front of the castle So, yes, things also happen outside the US. I know, it was just a one day java conferences with only 5 sessions, nothing compare to the four days of Java One and its 188 sessions. But still, we had James Goslings on stage. If you look at the agenda, this is what happened. Welcome Eric Mahé ? Technology Advisor ? Sun Microsystems France Eric, who has been working for 17 years at Sun, introduced the java day and the agenda. After few marketing slides (you always have to thank the sponsors) he joked about Extreme Pixel Programming. The idea is that Eric is not a java programmer, the tool he uses the most is Photoshop and he would like to use it to code some java classes. So he opened Photoshop, dragged & dropped some images, saved it as a raw file, opened the raw file, copied the content and pasted it into a java file in Netbeans. He then executed it, and the image was displayed with animation. He said that the one who finds the trick will win one of its own art work… bets opened. The Next Wave of Java Tools James Gosling ? Chief Technology Officer of Sun’s Developer Products group James arrived on stage and threw some left over t-shirt of Java One at the […]

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