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I’ve been tagged – Six things you don’t know about me

Yes, I‘ve been tagged by Matthieu… a long time ago. I should have blogged back a month ago but because of finishing my book I haven‘t had time to do it. I deserve a penalty for beeing so late. So, here are six things (instead of five) about me that (nearly) nobody knows : Tell me a word and I‘ll sing you a song. I‘m this kind of guy that you have to stop from singing each time you say something. I always find a match between a word and a song (mainly 60‘s and 70‘s music) I‘m passionate about religions (with an ‘s‘). Beeing a complete atheist makes life easier to read any kind of book about any kind of religion. After Java, religious books are the ones I read the most. I know which time it is (+/- 15 minutes). Because of not wearing a watch for so long, I‘ve developped this sense of knowing what the time is… even at night with no sun. I love any kind of art (mainly modern). My wife doesn‘t need to drag me to go and see boring stuff like art exhibition, ballet or abstract theatre play. I hate dogs, well, to be precise I hate people who have dogs. Beleive it or not, I still find a bit of time to play jazz with my band. Now I’m supposed to tag five others. But because I‘ve waited so long, all […]

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Java EE 5 Book – The End

Today I‘ve uploaded all my Open Office files to Eyrolles FTP server. That’s it, I’ve finished writing my book about Java EE 5. I will blog later about its content. I just want to thank my team of readers : Matthieu Riou, Alexis Midon, Zouheir Cadi and David Dewalle. Thanks guys, you‘ve been a great help. The book will benefit from your comments and expertise. And sorry for making you work so hard on the last weeks. I would also like to thank JetBrains and Visual Paradigm for giving me a free licence of their software. And of course, many thanks to my wife who didn‘t divorce me while I was writing on evenings, nights, early mornings and entire week-ends. I‘ll blog more later. But now, I just want to go out, have some sun, see some real people and enjoy life again.

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JavaPolis 2006 – Back Home

Well, how to say that in a simple way: JavaPolis 2006 was great. Here are more details. Organisation First of all, the organisation was amazing. JavaPolis is not organised by Sun, BEA, IBM, Oracle… but by the BeJUG (Belgium Java User Group). Guys like you and me who decided 5 years ago to create such an event that became international […]

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JUnit 4 at Java Polis

At Java Polis I made a quicky (a presentation of 15 minutes) about JUnit 4. I've been using JUnit for quite a while. I've also tried TestNG but never really got into it. In summer 2006 I worked with JUnit 4 at a customer. I've used it quite intensively, that's when I decided to write an article about it (Get Acquainted with the New Advanced Features of JUnit 4). I've proposed a quicky to JavaPolis and it was accepted. Checkout the blog I wrote about it.

If you are interested in this presentation just check the slides.

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JavaPolis 2006 – Leaving tomorow morning

God, I‘m so involved in finishing writing my book that I’ve completly forgotten talking about JavaPolis. I’m leaving tomorow from Paris in an early train (6:55am) and will present a Quicky about JUnit 4 on Thursday. I‘ve already picked up the sessions I want to attend, mainly JEE, Scripting languages and a bit of JSE. A couple of former BEA colleagues should be there and a few french open source actors too. Hope I will have enough time to attend all the sessions I want and have a couple of beers with them.

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Writing a book about Java EE 5

A couple of days ago a friend sent me an email saying that I haven‘t blogged for few weeks now. The reason is that I‘m writing a book about Java EE 5 and it‘s taking me a lot of time (after work and in the week-ends). The chapters will roughtly be : * Presentation of Java EE 5 * Presentation of the Architecture of the application to develop * Java Persistent API * Stateless EJB 3.0 * JNDI an remote access with swing client * JSF 1.2 and JSP 2.1 (Unified EL) * Stateful EJB * JMS and MDB * Web Services (with Jaxb 2) It‘s a practical book, not a reference one, so there is only 30/40 pages per chapter with external references to go to. It‘s aimed at experienced java developpers who have had web development experience. I am a JBoss/Hibernate user but unfortunately I had to leave these frameworks because not really Java EE 5 compliant (stil JSP 2 and JSF 1.1). I‘m using Glassfish with Toplink and Derby. I lost a bit of time with this switch but it‘s ok. I didn‘t know Glassfish before and I‘m quite impressed with what they‘ve done. Ok, have to go and I will blog more about what I‘m doing… I should publish an article about Java EE 5. PS : JSF is driving me mad

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