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Demo of the Petstore application

In the Java EE 5 book, you will have to develop a web and a swing application that talk to an EJB 3 back end.

In this Flash animation, you'll see how to use the Petstore web application. First It browses the catalog of pets, then logs a user on, who buys a few animals, adds them to my shopping cart, changes some quantities of the shopping cart and then checks out.

In this animation you can see the administration console. It is developed in Swing and used to create/modify/remove items of the catalog as well as having a view on customer and orders.

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Article: Master the New Persistence Paradigm with JPA

I have to say, I believe in JPA. Being a former BEA consultant, I used entity beans at a very early stage of the spec and was one of the first to do a prototype of entity beans 2.0 for a customer with a beta version of weblogic (6.0 if I still remember back in 2001). I thought that wasn‘t very good (to be polite). We had customers doing so many funny things with entity beans that it couldn‘t be right. The spec was too difficult and customers didn‘t have a clue to use it the right way. And then Hibernate arrived, and now JPA. I believe the JPA spec will be the one in terms of ORM because it‘s inspired by excellent frameworks such as Hibernate or TopLink, uses annotations which gets rid off XML config files and it looks like everybody around the JCP table agreed on it (not like JDO, R.I.P). Of course there are still things to be improved, but for a 1.0 it‘s not bad at all. I‘ve written a first article about JPA (second coming soon) for DevX. It explains the basic mapping annotations, one-to-one relationship, Entity Manager and how to use JPQL. The second is more advanced and deals with inheritance, one-to-many, many-to-many relationships and JPQL. I‘ll let you know when it‘s out. I would like to thank Thierry Balla, David Dewalle, Matthieu Riou and Thomas Verin for reading the articles before they […]

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Java Black Belt at University

I‘m quite excited. At the CNAM University we’ve decided to try Java Black Belt with our students. The idea is to use JBB to ensure a minimum level of Java within our students. Thanks to John Rizzo (who I met at JavaPolis) and Gonzague Lefere who‘ve setup a temporary server just for our IT department. Our students will have the week of the 5th of february to pass 3 Java Black Belt exams (JSP, Servlet and EJB). We will then get their feedback to see if we will carry on with Java Black Belt or not. Such a test is quite a novelty for the CNAM University. Usually students have to sit an exam at university. In our case, they will do the Java Black Belt tests from home (knowing that they can invite Java friends for diner ;o) But we want to give it a try. And our idea is not really to use Java Black Belt to grade them and therefore make them pass the year or not. It‘s more to know their level of Java so we can start the year with the same kind of students. I would let you know about the feedbacks and our plans to adopt Java Black Belt as an exam tool.

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Java EE 5 Book – What, When, Who

As I‘ve posted back in september, the book I’ve written uses Java EE 5 to develop a good old PetStore-like application. It’s written in French and will be published by Eyrolles at the end of March or begining of April. It is part of the Les cahiers du programmeur collection (programmer‘s book). This collection is quite pragmatic and focuses on a hands-on approach. The books always start with a presentation of the application to develop, and after, chapter by chapter, add functionnalities and technologies. All that is written in two columns : one for the main subjects, and a smaller one for references, ideas, questions, definitions and so on. Here is the structure of my book: Chapter 1 presents the case study of an e-commerce application inspired by the Sun’s Java PetStore Blueprint. The fictitious company Yaps wants to computerize its activity of selling domestic animals. The application uses a webapp for the customers, a Swing app for the employees and needs to exchange data with external partners. UML, Use Cases Chapter 2 concentrates on the technical and software architecture of the application called Yaps PetStore. This chapter briefly presents the tools and APIs used for the development. Java 5, HTML, XML, Java EE 5, Blueprint, Design Patterns, UML The installation and the configuration of the tools are done in chapter 3. JDK, Ant, GlassFish, Derby, TopLink In Chapter 4 we develop the persistent objects of the application. JPA, Entity […]

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I’ve been tagged – Six things you don’t know about me

Yes, I‘ve been tagged by Matthieu… a long time ago. I should have blogged back a month ago but because of finishing my book I haven‘t had time to do it. I deserve a penalty for beeing so late. So, here are six things (instead of five) about me that (nearly) nobody knows : Tell me a word and I‘ll sing you a song. I‘m this kind of guy that you have to stop from singing each time you say something. I always find a match between a word and a song (mainly 60‘s and 70‘s music) I‘m passionate about religions (with an ‘s‘). Beeing a complete atheist makes life easier to read any kind of book about any kind of religion. After Java, religious books are the ones I read the most. I know which time it is (+/- 15 minutes). Because of not wearing a watch for so long, I‘ve developped this sense of knowing what the time is… even at night with no sun. I love any kind of art (mainly modern). My wife doesn‘t need to drag me to go and see boring stuff like art exhibition, ballet or abstract theatre play. I hate dogs, well, to be precise I hate people who have dogs. Beleive it or not, I still find a bit of time to play jazz with my band. Now I’m supposed to tag five others. But because I‘ve waited so long, all […]

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Java EE 5 Book – The End

Today I‘ve uploaded all my Open Office files to Eyrolles FTP server. That’s it, I’ve finished writing my book about Java EE 5. I will blog later about its content. I just want to thank my team of readers : Matthieu Riou, Alexis Midon, Zouheir Cadi and David Dewalle. Thanks guys, you‘ve been a great help. The book will benefit from your comments and expertise. And sorry for making you work so hard on the last weeks. I would also like to thank JetBrains and Visual Paradigm for giving me a free licence of their software. And of course, many thanks to my wife who didn‘t divorce me while I was writing on evenings, nights, early mornings and entire week-ends. I‘ll blog more later. But now, I just want to go out, have some sun, see some real people and enjoy life again.

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JavaPolis 2006 – Back Home

Well, how to say that in a simple way: JavaPolis 2006 was great. Here are more details. Organisation First of all, the organisation was amazing. JavaPolis is not organised by Sun, BEA, IBM, Oracle… but by the BeJUG (Belgium Java User Group). Guys like you and me who decided 5 years ago to create such an event that became international […]

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