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Why is JavaPolis so cheap (or why are IT conferences so expensive)

I‘ve been playing a bit with Groovy and I‘ve attended a Grails presentation done by Guillaume Laforge back in January. I thought it was really good and when he mentioned the Grails conference in London I thought “Let’s go! The conference is in May, just during my birthday, I love London, I have plenty of friends there, it would be a good oportunity to know a bit more about Grails, meet people at the conference and have some English and Irish beer” . Recently the registration opened and to my surprise I saw that the first International Grails eXchange 2007 conference is at 1000 euros (700£). I compared the price with the conferences in the near future and this is what you can get for a 3 days conference: 1350 euros ($1795) to go to TheServerSide Java Symposium-Europe in Barcelona, 1694 euros to JAOO, 1742 euros to QCon or 1350 euros ($1795) to Java One. Plus travel and hotel costs obviously. I can’t believe JavaPolis was only 200 euros for such a good conference. Is there a reason why JavaPolis, a huge Java conference (2800 participants in December), was at 200 and the first Grails conference is at 1000 ? I know London is an expensive place, the Barbican center must charge quite a bit, but why are IT conferences so expensive in general? Stephan Janssen, can you tell us your secret?

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Demo of the Petstore application

In the Java EE 5 book, you will have to develop a web and a swing application that talk to an EJB 3 back end. In this Flash animation, you’ll see how to use the Petstore web application. First It browses the catalog of pets, then logs a user on, who buys a few animals, adds them to my shopping cart, changes some quantities of the shopping cart and then checks out. In this animation you can see the administration console. It is developed in Swing and used to create/modify/remove items of the catalog as well as having a view on customer and orders.

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I was clearing my old bookmarks and adding them to magnolia when I realized that Java Technology was pointing to A long time ago (1998/1999) that was the link to So now, if you type you’ll be automatically redirected to Even on Wikipedia, if you type JavaSoft you’ll be forwarded to Sun Microsystem. There is just Webopedia that tells you that JavaSoft is the business unit of Sun Microsystems that is responsible for Java technology . Is that true? Am I the only one to still use Have I been using Java for too long? Time to change? Time to be more Groovy maybe ;o)

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Installer l’application


Le livre Java EE 5 vous permet de développer une application de commerce électronique en utilisant de multiples spécifications Java EE 5. Tout au long des chapitres vous devez développer couche après couche (persistance, session façade, interface web, gestion du panier électronique, services web et traitements asynchrones) pour obtenir le site de vente d'animaux domestiques.

Téléchargez le code

Avant toute chose, il vous faut télécharger le code de l'application pour l'exécuter.

Structure des répertoires

Décompressez le fichier que vous venez de télécharger et vous obtiendrez trois sous-répertoires principaux. Ceux-ci correspondent aux différentes applications :

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Les critiques du livre Java EE 5

DZone avril 2008

Une fois n'est pas coutume, une revue de presse d'un site anglo-saxon. Un grand emerci à David Sills de l'équipe de JavaLobby qui, connaissant un peu le français, a fait l'effort de livre un ouvrage qui n'est pas écrit dans sa langue de prédilection. De plus, la critique est très bonne.

Un extrait : To be honest, I'd like to have this book in English for newbies in the field! We'd have a lot better applications built, I can say that.


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Installer l’application sur MySQL


L'application développée pour le livre utilise le serveur GlassFish et la base de données Derby. Pour installer l'application sur la base de données MySQL il faut effectuer quelques changement.

Installez et configurez MySQL

Tout d'abord, il faut installer MySQL 5. Pour cela, rendez-vous sur le site de MySQL et téléchargez la version dédiée à votre plateforme. Démarrez la base de données et connectez vous à celle-ci via l'éditeur (mysql -u root). Il faut ensuite créer la base petstoreDB et la rendre accessible à l'utilisateur dbuser (mot de passe dbpwd).

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Install the application


The Java EE 5 book enables you to develop an e-commerce application using multiple Java EE 5 specifications. Throughout the chapters you have to develop layer after layer (persistence, session facade, web interface, electronic shopping cart, web services and asynchronous processing) to obtain a web site to sale domestic animals.

Download the code

First of all, you have to downloadthe code of the application.

Directories structure

Uncompress the file that you have just downloaded and you will obtain three principal sub-directories. Those correspond to the various applications:

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