Speaking at JavaOne

As a young JUG Leader I’ve been invited by Sun to JavaOne (thanks to Aaron Houston). It‘s my first time at JavaOne so I‘m very excited to attend conferences, BOFs and plenty of organized diners or unconferences. It‘s going to be a busy week, but I‘m ready (I arrived yesterday in San Francisco and already had a good night sleep to recover the 12 hours flight and 9 hours difference with Paris). I came here to grab as much information as I can (on Java and JUGs) and take it back home. But, surprisingly, I‘ve just been asked by Corina Ulescu (JCP PMO) to talk about the JCP. I bit like what I did at the QCon back in March. I am going to participate at a round table moderated by Patrick Curran (Chair of the JCP). I will share the table with Stephen Colebourne, Michael Nascimento Santos, Alex Buckley, Kay Glahn, Rod Johnson and Dalibor Topic. We will be asked the following questions : Do we need standards at all in an open-source world? Why not just build systems on top of open-source implementations? How can the JCP call itself an open standards organization when it‘s dominated by the big corporate players and it conducts its business behind closed doors? Should the JCP adopt open-source processes for developing specifications, reference implementations, and conformance test suites (TCKs)? What role can non-corporate members (individuals, user-groups, open-source projects) play in the JCP? […]

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Back from QCon

Second conference in London in less that 6 months (Grails Exchange in October). It‘s always good to be back in London (where I lived for 2 years) except for public transport (Circle Line wasn‘t working on Thursday… again). The conference is held at the Queen Elisabeth just facing the Westminster Abbey. Very nice to look at during the breaks. I‘ve […]

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First evening at JavaPolis

The first very good news of JavaPolis is that since the 9th of december, the Thalys train (from Paris to Antwerp) stops at the central train station, in the heart of the city. Before, the station was quite far from the city. I arrived with David at 5:30pm, we quickly ran to the hotel to checkin, and then we took a taxi to JavaPolis. There we met the JUG Leaders and off we went to a brewery in the town center. The idea of this diner was to have JUG leaders (and speakers) in the same room to exchange. And that‘s what I did. I talked to a lot of people (some I don‘t even know their names, sorry) about running a Java User Group. Bruno Bussola from JUG Torino gave me some good tips on how to get some sponsors. Paris Apostolopoulos, from the Java Hellenic User Group in Athens, is quite a character. He is full of energy and told us how he always kept faithful in creating his JUG, even when the times were tough (meetings with only a few friends…). Later, Stephan Janssen (BeJUG) came to me and said “I‘m tryin to get James Gosling coming to Europe. I‘ve sent the Italians and Greeks to convice him to come, go, talk to him, and tell him to come”. So I did. I spent 10 minutes on a one on one talking to James Gosling (hope someone […]

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Java EE 5 at the Sun Tech Days in Paris

During the Sun Tech Days2007 in Paris there was a GlassFish user group conference. There I made a presentation about Java EE 5. Based on my book I explained how a JSP could talk to an EJB 3 using JSF and JPA. You will a little more details about the event on my blog.

During this event I met the developpez.com team. For those who don't know it developpez.com is a very famous french website for developpers. Vincent Brabant interviewed me and Emmanuel Puybaret who wrote a couple of good book about Java and Swing.

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JUnit 4 at Java Polis

At Java Polis I made a quicky (a presentation of 15 minutes) about JUnit 4. I've been using JUnit for quite a while. I've also tried TestNG but never really got into it. In summer 2006 I worked with JUnit 4 at a customer. I've used it quite intensively, that's when I decided to write an article about it (Get Acquainted with the New Advanced Features of JUnit 4). I've proposed a quicky to JavaPolis and it was accepted. Checkout the blog I wrote about it.

If you are interested in this presentation just check the slides.

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