JPA 2.0 Criteria API with Maven and EclipseLink

For those of you who have followed the JPA 2.0 specification, you might have come across the new Criteria API. The main idea of this new API is to be able to write a JPQL query using an object-oriented way (through a rich API) instead of a String. For example, if you want to return … Continue reading

Because I always forget how to use maven-ear-plugin

Sometimes you write a blog to express an idea, to ask some feedback from the community, to share a very nice trick… or because you always forget something and want to write it down so you can remember later on. That’s the reason of this post. I never remember how to use the maven-ear-plugin, so … Continue reading

Copying resources to JBoss with Maven

In my project, we use Maven to compile, build, package and deploy our application to JBoss 4.3. Every works fine. But each time a new developer comes along, or when we need to install a new server, we always have to remember to deploy the datasource and copy the MySQL JDBC Driver to JBoss. Nothing … Continue reading


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