Java EE 7 and JBoss Forge in Lille (FR) and London (UK)

Since the publication of my Java EE 7 book, my JavaOne and Devoxx Belgium talks (that you can find on Parleys), I’ve been quiet. But my 2014 new year’s resolution is to travel a few JUGs and conferences to spread the Java EE 7 word…. and I’m starting tomorrow! So if you want to know … Continue reading

Java EE 6 is touring French JUGs

One beauty of living in a country with nearly 20 Java User Groups is that you can travel around while talking about your favourite topics. For me, at the moment, it’s Java EE 6 (thanks to my book). So last week I was invited to the Riviera JUG to give a talk about the new … Continue reading

Bienvenu chez le Ch’ti JUG

Dans la famille Présentation Java EE 6, je voudrai les Ch’tis. Qques jours après mes présentations GlassFish et Java EE 6 à la conférence GeeCon à Cracovie, ce soir je me suis rendu à Lille pour présenter les nouveautés de la future plateforme entreprise. Dernier en date de la longue lignée des JUGs français, le … Continue reading


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