Opening a File into the GroovyConsole programmatically

Groovy 1.6 (still in beta) has introduced a new handy method into the Groovy Console : loadScriptFile. That allows you to load a script and open it into the Groovy Console. Here are the few lines of code to make it work. import groovy.ui.Console; Console console = new Console();; console.loadScriptFile(“C:/My documents/MyScript.groovy”); That‘s it.

Templates Including Other Templates In Groovy

I need to include Groovy templates within other Groovy templates, a bit like JSPs that can include child JSPs. This feature doesn‘t exist out of the box so I‘ve developed a new TemplateEngine based on the SimpleTemplateEngine . If you have this kind of need, just check this little post.

3rd and last day at Grails Exchange

Well, this morning I managed to arrive on time and have my first breakfast at the conference. Thanks to the train driver, thanks to the London tube, thanks to the people on the platform who let me in the train, thanks to God when it comes to arriving on time with London public transports. So, … Continue reading

2nd day at Grails Exchange

Well, first of all, I really have to beach about public transports in London. Yesterday the Central line wasn‘t working and today the Northern line had severe delays. It took me 1:30 hour to go from south London (Balham) to the conference hall (the Barbican Center). I love London, it‘s a fantastic city and I … Continue reading

1st day at Grails Exchange

Here I am in London attending my first day at the Grails Exchange. Unfortunately I missed the keynote from Guillaume LaForge and Graeme Rocher this morning because I took a late train from Paris. Not because I wanted to sleep more, but I just managed to enrol yesterday afternoon (thanks to Guillaume for his help … Continue reading

Intellij Idea is really Groovy

I‘ve been an Intellij Idea follower for more than 5 years now. I’ve never really made the move to Eclipse, unless I really have to on rare occasions. Here is another example of how good Idea is. I’ve been developing a little bit with Groovy and recently with Grails. I was sad not to see … Continue reading


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