Sony Your Business Is Going Down… Is It a Reason To Play With Women ?

This post is not about Java, Java EE or even IT. It is about the state of our world or, to shrink it a bit, the state of advertisement, business… and women (I had blogged about something similar a few years ago) A few days ago a friend of mine who was skiing at La … Continue reading

Test your JAX-RS 2.0 Web Service URIs… Without Mocks

After the announcement of the NoMock Movement I had to write another post about integration testing. Here it goes  : how to test your nice RESTful URIs ? Use Case Often you hear that URIs have to be expressive… and you want to test that your URIs are nicely written. How do you do that … Continue reading

Let’s Turn Integration Tests with Maven to a First-Class Citizen

I would like to thank Arnaud Heritier who gave me plenty of tips and advices to write this blog. In fact if you want to endorse someone on Maven in LinkedIn, he is the man, not me ;o) If you use Maven in your projects you might wonder what “Let’s Turn Integration Tests with Maven into … Continue reading

I’ve been awarded one of 100th people who will move IT forward in France for 2013

Sometimes life is about surprises. The other day I received an email from a friend saying “hey, congratulation, you’ve been awarded one of 100th people who will move IT forward in 2013“. Of course, I didn’t understand his email and didn’t reply. A few days later I received a more official email from the French … Continue reading

Launching The NoMock Movement

Everything started when Eve said ‘No‘ when God told her not to eat the fruit. Then my daughter said ‘No‘ when I told her to clean her room. Then we had a bunch of guys saying ‘No‘ to SQL. Then I read Is there such a thing as the NoMock movement?… And today I’m saying … Continue reading

So now I am a NightHacker ;o)

Stephen Chin had this crazy idea of touring Europe on its way to Devoxx, and interview people. He called it the “Hacking Tour – The Road to Devoxx“. On his way from Italy he crossed France, stopped over to interview several people and then he arrived in Paris to interview me as well as the … Continue reading

No, you don’t need to mock your SOAP Web Service to test it

A short blog about a topic I was discussing last week with a customer: testing SOAP Web Services. If you follow my blog you would know by now that I’m not a fan of unit testing in MOCK environments. Not because I don’t like it or I have religious believes that don’t allow me to use JUnit and … Continue reading

I need you for Logging API Spec Lead !

If you are interested by Java EE development and roadmap you might have read recently that the Cloud feature in Java EE 7 has been delayed. As I’ve already expressed in the Java EE 7 expert group mailing list, I’m happy about this news because I feel standardizing cloud in EE 7 was way too early. But … Continue reading

Yet Another Petstore !

Do you remember the good old Java Petstore ? It was a sample application created by Sun for its Java BluePrints program. The Java Petstore was designed to illustrate how J2EE (and then Java EE) could be used to develop an eCommerce web application. Yes, the point of the Petstore is to sell pets online. … Continue reading

How to get the JPQL/SQL String From a CriteriaQuery in JPA ?

I.T. is full of complex things that should (and sometimes could) be simple. Getting the JQPL/SQL String representation for a JPA 2.0 CriteriaQuery is one of them. By now you all know the JPA 2.0 Criteria API : a type safe way to write a JQPL query. This API is clever in the way that you … Continue reading


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