On-line Java EE 7 Courses at PluralSight

PluralSightI’ve been quiet in this blog because of lack of time. One task that has consumed a lot of time is that I’ve started creating Java EE 7 courses for Pluralsight. I’ve been approached by Plurasight a few months ago and met them at JavaOne. They have been around for 10 years, have an impressive catalog of courses, but because of their .Net background, they don’t have many courses on Java nor on Java EE.

So here is a first batch of Java EE 7 courses I’ve created on their platform :

Each course is made of slides and you will have the pleasure to listen to my voice ;o)  No video of the speaker, but many screen recording for the demos.  Each course is made of several modules, several clips, and you get to answer a few questions at the end of each module

My plans are to add more content to the library, so hopefully you will see somes courses about Context & Dependency Injection 1.1, Java Messaging Service 2.0, Java Server Faces 2.2, Java EE 7 itself, and an overall one about how to develop an entire Java EE application.

So I hope you will enjoy taking the courses (not free I’m afraid ;o) and do not hesitate to give me some feedback.

Formation Java EE 6 en juin à Paris

XebiaVos avez un nouveau projet dans les tuyaux ? Vous vous questionnez sur les frameworks à choisir ? Vous hésitez à utiliser votre framework printanier à base d’XML et de complexité ? Vous voulez migrer votre application vers un standard ? Vous détestez les EJBs ? J’ai ce qu’il vous faut : une formation de 3 jours autour de Java EE 6 intitulée Architectures d’aujourd’hui avec Java EE 6.


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