Java EE 6 : What’s up next

I was invited to the YaJUG (Yes Another JUG) in Luxembourg. I gave a talk about what’s coming next in Java EE 6. It was a very nice venue with nice people. I offered 3 copies of my book that were given to different attendees.

During the break I had lots of question about Java EE 6 and, of course, the impact it will have on other frameworkd such as Spring. Well, I have a personal point of view on that matter… but only future will tell ;o)

You can see other photos of the event on IT News web site.

Java EE 6 : What’s up next

Skills Matter & Xebia inaugurated their first conference in Paris around open source called Open Source Exchange! There I’ll have the opportunity to talk about the coming features of Java EE 6>. If you are around, do come. It’s free and full of interesting speakers talking about open source.

Click here for the video

EJB 3.1, What’s up

At the Tours JUG

Opening up the JCP at Paris JUG

All you want to know about this talk

Opening up the JCP at JavaOne

At JavaOne I shared a round table with Stephen Colebourne, Michael Nascimento Santos, Alex Buckley, Kay Glahn, Rod Johnson and Dalibor Topic moderated by Patrick Curran. The main topics we talked about were about how to open up the JCP and make it look less opaque.

Read more about it

JCP at the QCon in London

At the QCon I talked with Patrick Curran, Rod Johnson and Werner Keil about the JCP. During this BoF we talked about how you can get involved in the community, what it takes to develop a successful API for Java, how to improve the visibility of the JCP… and so on.

Java EE 5 at the Sun Tech Days in Paris

During the Sun Tech Days2007 in Paris there was a GlassFish user group conference. There I made a presentation about Java EE 5. Based on my book I explained how a JSP could talk to an EJB 3 using JSF and JPA. You will a little more details about the event on my blog.

During this event I met the team. For those who don’t know it is a very famous french website for developpers. Vincent Brabant interviewed me and Emmanuel Puybaret who wrote a couple of good book about Java and Swing.

JUnit 4 at Java Polis

At Java Polis I made a quicky (a presentation of 15 minutes) about JUnit 4. I’ve been using JUnit for quite a while. I’ve also tried TestNG but never really got into it. In summer 2006 I worked with JUnit 4 at a customer. I’ve used it quite intensively, that’s when I decided to write an article about it (Get Acquainted with the New Advanced Features of JUnit 4). I’ve proposed a quicky to JavaPolis and it was accepted. Checkout the blog I wrote about it.

If you are interested in this presentation just check the slides.

EJB 3.1 and GlassFish at the TSS Symposium in Prague


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