Speaking at JavaOne 2013

Last time I was at JavaOne, the conference was organized by a company called Sun Microsystems, at a unique location (Moscone Center) and most of my friends were wearing a blue t-shirt. I was very excited, it was my first JavaOne and I was giving a few talks about the JCP. I met dozens of … Continue reading

I’ve been awarded one of 100th people who will move IT forward in France for 2013

Sometimes life is about surprises. The other day I received an email from a friend saying “hey, congratulation, you’ve been awarded one of 100th people who will move IT forward in 2013“. Of course, I didn’t understand his email and didn’t reply. A few days later I received a more official email from the French … Continue reading

A week in central Europe… with CDI

I haven’t talked much lately at conferences or JUGs. The last one was Devoxx in November 2010 and I have been quite ever since (working on some other plans ;o) But it’s time to do a bit of touring again. This time it will be Central Europe and the topic with injection in CDI. The presentation of the talk is To inject or not to inject: CDI is the question and the description roughly is :

After a quick introduction of CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) I will concentrate on dependency injection and the type-safe approach on injection in CDI. If you are fed up of using String based configuration, come to this talk and have a type-safe journey on CDI.

How come I am touring again ? Everything started with an invitation from my friends at GeeCon. I discovered GeeCon in 2009. It was the first edition of this conference in Cracow (Poland) created by the local user group.

Formation Java EE 6 en juin à Paris

XebiaVos avez un nouveau projet dans les tuyaux ? Vous vous questionnez sur les frameworks à choisir ? Vous hésitez à utiliser votre framework printanier à base d’XML et de complexité ? Vous voulez migrer votre application vers un standard ? Vous détestez les EJBs ? J’ai ce qu’il vous faut : une formation de 3 jours autour de Java EE 6 intitulée Architectures d’aujourd’hui avec Java EE 6.

Séance de dédicace groupée

Vous l’avez certainement lu dans tous les magasines, la rentrée littéraire 2010 ce n’est ni Michel Houellebecq ni Amélie Nothomb, mais bel et bien la seconde édition de Java EE 6 (aux éditions Apress). Pour fêter cet évènement inter galactique, je m’associe à Emmanuel Bernard (Hibernate Search in Action aux éditions Manning) et Arnaud Héritier (Maven aux éditions Pearson) pour une séance de dédicace groupée à la librairie Le Monde en Tique. Vous aurez ainsi l’honneur et le privilège de rencontrer vos idoles, d’acheter leur superbe ouvrage, de vous les faire dédicacer, de boire un verre et de papoter de tout et de rien.

A busy week at Devoxx

If you don’t already know it, next week is Devoxx : the biggest European Java conference. It’s my 4th time there and this year I’ll be doing 2 conferences, 1 BOF and 1 book signing session. Tuesday, from 9:30 to 12:30 : University talk The Java EE 6 Platform.  I’ll be doing a 3 hours … Continue reading

Java EE 6 is touring French JUGs

One beauty of living in a country with nearly 20 Java User Groups is that you can travel around while talking about your favourite topics. For me, at the moment, it’s Java EE 6 (thanks to my book). So last week I was invited to the Riviera JUG to give a talk about the new … Continue reading

An interview about me, Java EE 6, the JUG, the JCP and some Jazz

A few weeks ago, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine asked me for an interview. My book has been out for a couple of month now, Java EE 6 is getting hot, GlassFish V3 is closed to final, the Paris JUG is doing well, I’ve recently been nominated Java Champion, JSR 299 and 330 are working hand in hand, … Continue reading

I am a champion, my friends

Yes, I am a Java champion my friends, and I’ll keep on Javaing till the end. Do you know the Java Champion program ? It was created by Sun to recognize leaders in the Java developer community. The concept is to build an informal but select group of passionate Java technology and community people outside … Continue reading

Dédicace du livre Java EE 6

Aujourd’hui, les exemplaires du livre Java EE 6 sont enfin arrivés en Europe. J’ai reçu ma petite collection privée de 20 exemplaires ainsi que tous les bons libraires informatiques parisiens. Alors, si vous faites partis des quelques rares qui n’ont pas encore ce best-seller, je vous propose de nous retrouver samedi 20 juin à la … Continue reading

Java EE 6 book at JavaOne

Hurrah !!! My book physically exists. It was printed last week and is available at JavaOne. So guys, look for the book shop in the Moscone center, and ask for the already best-seller Java EE 6 book. You can’t miss it. It has been published by Apress (it’s black and yellow) and, as you can … Continue reading

Bienvenu chez le Ch’ti JUG

Dans la famille Présentation Java EE 6, je voudrai les Ch’tis. Qques jours après mes présentations GlassFish et Java EE 6 à la conférence GeeCon à Cracovie, ce soir je me suis rendu à Lille pour présenter les nouveautés de la future plateforme entreprise. Dernier en date de la longue lignée des JUGs français, le … Continue reading

GeeCon is over, long live GeeCon

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been invited to GeeCon to talk about Java EE 6. This very first edition of GeeCon took place in the city of Crakow and was aimed at Eastern European Java developers. The Polish JUG was created a few years ago as a local Java event user group. … Continue reading

Présentation Java EE 6 au Ch’ti JUG

2008, c’était l’année de Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis. 2009 c’est l’année du Ch’ti JUG. Mais non, je ne ponctuerai pas ce post de “biloute”, ‘j’te dis quoi” et autres “heiiinnnnn!”. En fait, je veux juste vous informer de l’événement del ch’nord (ha, je me suis laissé aller là) à ne pas louper : une présentation … Continue reading

A book about Java EE 6

If I haven’t blogged for a long time, that’s because I was busy writing a book about Java EE 6. As some of you already know, I’m expert member on various JSRs, including Java EE 6. Last year I have been approached by Apress who proposed me to write a book about Java EE 6 … Continue reading

Java EE 6 at the GeeCon conference

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be talking at the GeeCON conference about Java EE 6. Proud because this conference is the first edition and has been created by the Polish JUG. A few months ago, Grzegorz Duda asked me if I was interested in speaking there. I’m always ready when it comes to talk … Continue reading

Looking for Java EE 6 expert members to organize a BOF at Jazoon

Jazoon, the international conference on Java technology, will be held in Zurich from the 22nd to the 25th of June. For four days you will have the chance to go to many technical presentations, with good speakers and also plenty of BOFs. I‘ve sumitted a talk on Java EE 6 and I‘ve also submitted a … Continue reading

Speaking at the Open Source conference in Paris

Skills Matter & Xebia inaugurate their first conference in Paris around open source called Open Source Exchange. There I’ll have the opportunity to talk about the coming features of Java EE 6. If you are around, do come. It‘s free and full of interesting speakers talking about open source.

Tutorials on testing Java EE 6 components

I’ve started to write a series of tutorials about the testability of Java EE 6 components. The first one : JPA 2.0.

Java EE 5, second edition

The first edition of my Java EE 5 book has been sold out ! In fact it’s 2500 copies that have been sold in 14 months. It doesn’t sound much like that, but remember that it’s written in French (much smaller market than the English one) and talks about evil technology : EJB ! So, … Continue reading

Back from the TSS Symposium in Prague

Last Wednesday I‘ve landed at noon in Prague, quickly took a taxi, arrived at the Clarion Congress Hotel where the conference well held, registered, went to my room and had a quick last look at my slides. At 3:50pm I was giving a talk on Building Enterprise Applications Using Glassfish . It was about installing … Continue reading

Speaking at the TSS Symposium

Soon (18–20 June) starts the TSS Symposiumconference in Prague. A great conference with good speakers in a beautiful city. Well, this time I‘ll be speaking there. In fact, I‘ll be giving two talks : Building Enterprise Applications Using Glassfish . I‘ll talk about administrating GlassFish instances in general and in a cluster in particular. In … Continue reading

A virus at JavaOne

Today I only attended two presentations and had to leave the conference for some rest. I wonder if I‘m just exhausted about too much JavaOne, or if I‘ve got a virus. This is the email that we received this morning : URGENT PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY FROM JAVAONE TEAM The JavaOne conference team has been notified … Continue reading

JavaOne : a nostalgic portuguese touch

It is my first JavaOne, so I can‘t really compare. But something tells me that 5 years ago JavaOne was about… Java. Today, it feels different. There are plenty of technical sessions about other languages and on the top selling books at JavaOne, three are about other languages (Groovy and JavaFX). Even James Gosling talked … Continue reading

JavaOne : Opening up the JCP

Today was an interesting day at JavaOne. I first started meeting a giant Duke in the busy corridors of the Moscone Center Then I met Aaron Houston (the Sun guy who helps the JUGs around the world) who gave the Paris JUG a Sun Spot . The idea is to use the spot in a … Continue reading


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